The raise is over.
Now what?

When the shares have been issued, the real fun begins. STAX gives you all the tools to communicate with shareholders and manage that relationship. Never forget, investors are the lifeblood of your company.
Ongoing help

Post-raise services.

Raising capital is really just the beginning. With the help of Australia’s top legal, compliance and registry experts, STAX offers the full range of post-raise services.

Investor Management

Keep track of investment applications and funds received, all from a single dashboard.

Dividend Processing

STAX registry dashboard will calculate how much you need to pay, and who you need to pay it to.

Investor Statements

Quickly send balances, number of shares, transaction details and market value to your investors.

Share Transfers

Easily manage share transfers, repurchases and automatic reinvestments for maturing offers.

Investor Updates

Keep your investors in the loop with regular emails and SMS, all managed through the STAX dashboard.

Disclosure Obligations

Compliance is everything. STAX can help you meet continuous disclosure obligations for both CSF and IPO.

Nothing ventured.
Nothing gained.

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