The Evolution of

Capital Raising & Equity Ownership reimagined.


STAX is a platform designed to democratise access to investment opportunities and capital through the power of technology.

What do we offer companies?

We provide a platform for companies to access capital and liquidity through the issuance of share-backed tokens

Capital Raising

Raise equity capital from more investors through the acceptance of FIAT and digital currencies

Equity Issuance

Issue digital tokens on the blockchain where one digital token is backed by one company share

Investing in Capital Raises

List on an Australian Securities Exchange through a streamlined process

Trading (Coming Soon)

Liquidity to your investors through our platform by facilitating trading of tokenised shares

Investing in Capital Raises

Get direct access to equity markets, regardless of your geolocation

Trading Digital Shares (Coming Soon)

Trade on a secondary market with holdings from companies who have listed

What do we offer investors?

STAX provides both retail and
wholesale global investors
opportunities to invest in capital
raising projects that are regulated by
Australian laws and regulations.

How to invest

Register Account

Create an account to access full investor portal and digital wallets

Verify Identity

All investors must go through our KYC process in accordance with Australian law

Choose Project

Browse projects open for investments and select what you are interested in

Invest & Pay

Choose to invest using FIAT or from a selection of accepted digital currencies


Receive confirmation of your subscription to security tokens which equate to shares

Our Portals

The investor portal allows verified investors to invest in companies raising capital, using fiat or digital currencies.

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