Webinars: a marketing must-have for your CSF campaign

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Webinars: a marketing must-have for your CSF campaign

Webinars have seen a dramatic resurgence in the past year - no prizes for guessing why. But far from just being a COVID-19 necessity, they’re an effective communication medium for putting a face to a brand, and connecting with your potential investors. Holding one is strongly recommended during the raise stage of your crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re worried you’ll be an outlier for employing technology that’s been around since the 90s, have a look at the stats: in 2020, webinar platforms BrightTalk and ON24 reported a 76% increase in video events and a 167% increase in monthly users respectively.

In other words, if you’re not hosting a webinar, you may be missing a trick.

Why should I hold a webinar?

  1. A webinar is the perfect opportunity to quash doubts. Investors considering contributing to your crowdfund may have specific concerns that leave them sitting on the fence. But they might not have the time or motivation to proactively contact you with these questions. A webinar can catch hesitations and falsely-held beliefs before they deter an investor entirely. Information you bring up may also help to counter doubts an investor had but couldn’t quite put their finger on.  
  2. Video content is valuable. But it can be time-consuming and expensive to create. While you’re recording your webinar, think about how the dedicated camera time and background or location could be used to create a surplus supply. Clips of your key talking points can be repurposed for use elsewhere, e.g. on your website or social media channels.
  3. On-camera time is good for brand-building. Investors’ main concerns might be fiscal, but they’re still humans, and they’ll still be more likely to buy into a real person with an interesting story. It’s also much easier to convey passion and enthusiasm on-screen that it is within a written pitch or offer document.
  4. A webinar helps cut through the deluge of paperwork. Investors have a lot of reading to do when getting their heads around your offer. Video is an excellent way to pep them up and break through the written collateral.

Where to start with creating a webinar for your CSF campaign?

Let’s start with a piece of advice: you don’t need to wheel out your powerpoint skills to craft something highly technical and bursting with visuals and transitions. Nowadays, there’s software to do that for you.

Using dedicated webinar software like Demio is an efficient route to a professional end product. Look for things like text and chart tools, survey and poll functions, and Q&A functions to really engage your audience of prospective investors.

Secondly, you already have a framework for your webinar, and that’s your offer document. Extract the crucial talking points from there, and back them up with industry statistics and trends.

If you’re completely lost on where to start with translating it into a webinar format, HubSpot offers a free webinar planning kit.

What should I include in my webinar?

  • A brief personal introduction to yourself, and your company
  • A brief introduction to equity crowdfunding and your raise target
  • What problem you’ve identified in the market, and how you’re solving it
  • How investors’ funds will be used to scale the business

How long should my webinar be?

Your webinar should last around 30 minutes - long enough to deliver key information, short enough to fit into your investors’ busy day (and hold their attention). It should be structured as follows:

  • Introduction (5 minutes)
  • Your company presentation (5-10 minutes)
  • Question time (10 minutes)

Help with your campaign webinar

If you choose to raise capital with STAX, providing assistance with and feedback on your webinar is one of the ways we can support you. Contact us here to start the conversation.

James Brannan

Director of Operations at STAX

Sam Henderson

Director of Marketing at STAX

Natalia Forato

Social Media Manager at STAX

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