Democratizing access to investments

The STAX engine is driven by its core objective

our story

We believe in building a hybrid trading platform fit for the financial industry of tomorrow.

The idea of STAX was born when we realized that a new class of investors have emerged in recent years. Crypto investors are a growing portion of the investment environment yet despite that, they continue to be locked out of traditional capital markets.

We see unique market opportunities arising from the need to bridge conventional financial markets and digital currencies, and to provide ready liquidity for crypto investors. We also understand the limitations of the traditional financial markets and their tough regulatory requirements, while also recognizing that the crypto world

lacks basic regulations needed to avoid outright fraud.

STAX was founded as traditional securities have not kept up with the advancements in technology. We see the opportunity to build a legally compliant investment environment that bridges the traditional capital and digital asset markets.

This environment comprises of a hybrid trading platform and an asset tokenization vehicle which allows investors to trade between conventional financial instruments and digital assets, using a single platform, in a legal and fully transparent manner.

Who we are

STAX is Australia’s first equity capital raising platform to accept both fiat and cryptocurrencies as an investment into companies looking to raise capital.

Our model allows companies to raise funds from not only an existing pool of traditional investors but also enabling global investment through accepting cryptocurrency worldwide. In doing so, we also democratize access for investors to equity markets that traditionally has high barriers to entry.

What we do

STAX presents an alternative investment model centered around transparency, accessibility and security. Our platform provides a turnkey solution thanks to our strategic partnerships and enablers who take care of all extraneous services that would normally require third-party engagement. This saves our clients from the time-consuming processes and high fees often found in the conventional market and other digital capital raising practices.

We believe in extending opportunities not just to investors, but companies too. We do this by lowering market capitalization, allowing more companies to access a domain they were previously locked out of.

With STAX, there are lower fees, reduced barriers to entry and fewer security risks. We provide a platform that empowers more investors and companies to become active participants in the equity market.



By democratising access, we create opportunities for more people and companies to participate in the equity market.


We forge trust in our clients by adhering to higher standards, engaging in fully regulated, industry trusted partners and independent due diligence providers.


We’re always looking for ways to do things better, whether that’s through our technology offering or the way we engage with our clients.


Our firm belief in a collaborative approach underpins the way we work, our offering, and our strategic partnerships.

We’re proud to work with our partners.

A strategic innovation associate of SSX

Reimagining capital markets

Our platform architecture integrates established financial technologies and new blockchain approaches to build a vehicle of choice for professional and retail investors around the globe, integrating conventional finance and digital currency markets.

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